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Doctor Pascal BOUDJEMA, Physician Specialized in Hair Loss treatment :

Hair Transplant : Follicular Unit Transplantation (Strip technique)
Hair Transplant : Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE technique with no scar)
Megasessions of  micro-grafts (4000 grafts  in one session)
Hair Transplant on Women  (female hair loss)
Repair work on old « baby doll » grafts
Facelift Hair revision
Scalp Reduction
Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Moustache.


Dr. Boudjema has pioneered new techniques and patented inventions in the hair transplant field such as :

  The HTS Calvitron® Omnigraft® or DHI method
(Direct Hair Implantation method) 

First automated hair transplant machine.


The Microtome® :


First Multiblade instrument wich cuts several hundred grafts in few seconds.

  The Hair Implanter Pen® (HIP)
    Instrument wich allows rapid non-traumatic and soft implantation of folliclar grafts into the scalp.
  The FUExtractor®
    Instrument wich allows rapid and safe extraction of grafts with no visible scar (for FUE technique).

Those techniques have been described and published in medical books and journals, and have been presented in national and international scientific meetings.

Dr Boudjema continues to push the state of the art of hair transplantation to new horisons.


Dr. Boudjema received his Doctor of Medicine degree at the University of Medicine of Paris (France) in 1986. He was medical assistant in the Plastic Surgery Service of the Montreuil Hospital.

His practice is dedicated exclusively to Hair Restoration Surgery since 25 years in his private Office surgery located in Paris.

Dr Boudjema is member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Docteur Pascal Boudjema

Centre médico-esthétique
69 rue de la Tour
75016 Paris

Phone : +33(0) 1 40 72 71 32
Fax : +33 (0) 1 45 05 13 77

Member of ISHRS :